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Have you eaten the four kinds of candy that are rare in the net red?

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People have been eating for the sky. This has never been suspected since ancient times. Even if life is too unsatisfactory, you still have to eat the law. As long as you can eat, all the difficulties become smaller. Now people's lives are good, but people who pay attention to eating problems are more, but the focus is on how to eat well, no longer pay attention to whether you can eat, so this time Xiaobian appears, for everyone Good food, and some novelty. Four kinds of candy that lead the trend, the last favorite of the little fairy, all eaten the "mine manager"
The first type, popcorn
        The first one is Thailand's popped sugar. It is reported that this beaded peppermint in Thailand is called "powder" in mints. It is refreshing and never tired. No matter how tired or tired you are, you will be heavy again. One will make you feel refreshed and go to work all afternoon. The beaded sugar is very delicate, colorful and very convenient to carry.
Second, nougat
        I didn’t know what happened recently, but it also caused a trend of handmade nougat, so the nougat was also a big fire. However, it is quite good to sell like outside, but the best thing to eat is to make it yourself, because in terms of raw materials, it is definitely real, it is made from fresh and pure milk, sweet but not greasy, very delicious!
Third, star sugar
        Star Gum is a kind of creative candy from the United States. It is also called on the Internet - the solar system lollipop, a handmade lollipop with a beautiful planet pattern in the middle of the sugar ball. Candy is also a feature, that is, it is difficult to eat, and one can probably eat four or five hours.
Fourth, the body sugar
        Body-flavored sugar is a kind of sugar that claims to be able to scent, and contains one granule. It is fragrant and refreshing. It is often refreshing. If the skin is fragrant and fragrant, it will burst into bursts. It’s so fascinating. The body sugar is the favorite of the little fairy, even the stars are very fond of eating, but the female man is not a cold for this candy.