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Snacks knowledge

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Snacks, usually foods that are consumed outside of the time of three meals a day. Under normal circumstances, in addition to three meals a day is called a meal, the rest are called snacks.
    Snacks and food are not related to the type of time. For example, the southerners generally use pasta as a snack, but they are the staple food of the northerners. Snacks can be divided into three categories, the original product snacks, processed snacks and deep processing snacks. Many children generally prefer snacks, but eating too much deep-processed snacks can easily lead to partial eclipse and obesity. However, it is good for the elderly to eat snacks properly, but it is not helpful to eat more food. Please choose healthy snacks when purchasing snacks. Under normal circumstances, the original product snacks and processed snacks are healthy snacks. [Snack; Between-meal nibbles] Sporadic foods other than meals for three meals a day. Snacks, also known as zero mouth, zero mouth, small zero mouth.
    People can satisfy the physiological needs of nutrients through three meals a day, and there is no need to eat snacks. But in some special cases, eating some snacks will be good for the body. Here are a few examples to illustrate: For the elderly, proper snacking is good for your health. Why? Because the digestive system function of the elderly is diminished, such as decreased secretion of gastric juice and decreased secretion of various digestive enzymes in the digestive tract, the digestion and absorption functions are reduced to some extent. In this case, if it is still three meals a day, the nutritional needs of the elderly cannot be met. Because the digestive function can be reduced, it is difficult to digest and absorb every meal, and it will bring more burden to the gastrointestinal tract. Symptoms of indigestion often occur. If you eat 70% or 80% of each meal, feel hungry between meals, eat a little digestible, nutritious snacks, not only to ensure the normal nutritional needs of the elderly, but also will not cause excessive burden on the gastrointestinal.
    People used snacks as an unhealthy diet. Because of fear of weight gain, adults are always temperate to eat snacks, or have a sense of guilt after eating snacks, parents usually do not encourage children to eat snacks between meals, because they do not want snacks to destroy the child's appetite for dinner. However, health experts now highly endorse and encourage people to eat snacks. In fact, snacks are good for us. Of course, the premise is that we eat snacks correctly! Encouraging snacks is based on the following reasons:
Make sure you eat a variety of foods to meet your nutritional needs.
Provide a flexible eating plan to meet the current lifestyle of “working while eating”.
Helps control appetite and reduces the amount of food consumed per meal. Contrary to the notion that snacks generally lead to weight gain, studies have shown that snacks work just the opposite - eating snacks makes losing weight easier, and you don't have to endure the pain of continuing to go hungry.